3 things for microblade preparation, every microblading master has to know!

A deep aspiration to learn is needed to advance from a beginner microblade artist to an expert and build a rewarding career. This writing covers the key techniques necessary to perform a successful microblade procedure: right size needles, properly stretching the skin, correct angle, pressure and depth, etc. Everything you do for a procedure needs to be synchronized to achieve great results.
Clients will brag to their family, friends, and coworkers about their new-found love for their eyebrows, how natural they look and who their professional microblade artist was. The preparation for a Microblade Procedure is one of the most important steps in the treatment. Let’s get more information with The Aura Beauty Academy Orange County now!
1. Client & Artist Comfort
  • In order to perform a procedure both safely and correctly, it’s imperative for the artist to be in a comfortable position while working. Similarly, the client needs to be in a comfortable and correct position for microblade artist to perform and create beautiful eyebrows. During the procedure, the client’s head should always be leaning back and facing up, chin should not be facing down or their head too far back. This will enable the artist to implant color at the correct angle. No other person in the room should be close enough to interfere when a procedure is being performed.
2. Lighting & Proper Vision Tool
  • Sufficient overhead lighting correctly positioned above the client’s head is essential when performing a procedure since the artist should be able to see clearly where to implant each hair stroke. One lighting choice is LED which stays cool to the touch even after use and can last up to five times longer than most other lights. There should also be sufficient lighting in the room so the artist can see everything, from measuring the eyebrows to the final details. It’s very important to be able to see the spacing of the hair strokes as they are being implanted. There are various magnification tools available for an artist who wants to take that extra step to having a clearer view of the area being worked on.
3. Table Setup & Supply
  • Setup for a microblade procedure must include all tools and materials which should be covered or disposed of after each procedure. That artist should remove and dispose of gloves each time they leave their work area. Never touch anything during a procedure that can’t be disinfected, covered or thrown away after each procedure has been completed.
  • After each procedure, the work area should be thoroughly cleaned with a sanitizer. Items not thrown away should be wiped down with a disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses. All needles need to be disposed of in an approved sharps container. The work area should be clean and setup for each client prior to a procedure. The following is a list of items to have on hand:
The work area should be clean and setup for each client prior to a procedure.
The work area should be clean and setup for each client prior to a procedure.


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