How many steps for a microblade procedure? (Part 2)

The previous writing, The Aura Beauty Academy Orange County showed you the 4 first steps in a microblade procedure. Is it advantageous for your microblading learning path? We hope it does support you in some ways for upgrading your skills. And now The Aura would like to provide the steps left. Each standard step is always important in the microblading process so that please read them carefully and often practice for enhancing your (eyebrow) microblading level!
Let’s explore it with us!
How many steps for a microblade procedure? (Part 2)
How many steps for a microblade procedure? (Part 2)

Step 5 – Soak with Color

  • A couple times during a procedure and once at the end, apply color over the hair strokes you have implanted. Let color soak for 3-5 minutes. After that, the skin begins to close and the color won’t soak in. Wipe the area clean to reveal beautiful hair strokes.
Step 6 – Continue Implanting Color
  • For a sparse look, keep extra space between each hair stroke. For a fuller look, place the strokes closer together. Continue to implant hair strokes until you have the look you want to achieve, finish with detailed hair strokes, add shading if requested.
  • By simultaneously applying all the key points, along with dedication to practicing, each client will be able to show off their beautiful, natural looking eyebrows.
Step 7 – Check for Even Eyebrows
  • Have the client sit up a few times during the procedure to check to make sure both eyebrows are even. Eyebrows look different on a person when they are lying down, versus sitting up and seeing them straight on. It’s important to be able to see the eyebrows and get an overall picture of the design you want to accomplish. Make any adjustments, adding more hair strokes as needed.
Step 8 – Finish Implanting Color
  • On the final passes, add any details necessary to complete the shape. If the client requests a more powdery or filled-in look, use a shading tool, avoiding the outside edges. To prevent the shading effect healing darker than hair strokes, be sure to maintain consistent, light pressure.

Step 9 – Show Your Client Their Beautiful New Eyebrows

  • Here are a few steps to take when the eyebrow procedure is finished:
  • It’s good practice for both you and your client to stand in front of a wall mirror again, to get approval and admire their new eyebrows. Your client will be a walking advertisement, showing off their beautiful eyebrows and letting people know who their microblade artist was.
  • Once the client has given their approval, do the final color soaking.
  • Go over aftercare instructions.
  • Take their “after” picture.
  • Apply the aftercare ointment.
  • Reassure your client that their color will lighten and look softer when it heals in approximately a week.
  • Follow the proper protocol to clean your work area and dispose of all necessary items to avoid chance of any contamination.


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