Is it hard to control the final color in (eyebrow) microblading treatment? Over 95% people said NO?

In microblading procedure, it is quite hard to control the final color result which is the most vital effect contributing the beauty of customers or the success of the treatment. So many questions sent to The Aura Beauty Academy Orange County are about how to control the color in the (eyebrow) microblading process. And these are very helpful and advantageous some theories which will help you both future customers and candidates to master the foundation and upgrade your knowledge in microblading learning path.

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Final Color Result & Client Record
  • There are many factors that can determine the final color result, as covered in this manual. However, there are a few more things to consider as well. Some medications, the PH of a person’s body or a person’s diet and overall health can even make a difference in the final color result.
  • Keeping notes of the color and different variations that could contribute to the final color result for each client will give you a better understanding of which colors to select for future procedures.
  • It is important to have a system for keeping accurate client records. Document the color(s) used on each client by the lot number and date on the side of each bottle. If there is ever a problem, the manufacturer will require this information. When clients return for a touch up or to have their eyebrows freshened, you must be able to review your records to determine the exact formula used.
Mixing Colors
  • Do not mix colors (pigments) from different companies together. If there were ever to be a problem, you would not know what company needed to address the issue. Also, different ingredients may not work well together.
  • Most manufacturers of quality colors will allow an artist to mix the colors to get the perfect blend for each client, but it is always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s recommended use of their colors.
Camouflaging Unwanted Colors
  • There are times you may be asked to correct a color that was incorrectly implanted, or if a client was dissatisfied with their color result. Trying to cover an eyebrow color is not always easy, particularly if you are trying to match a person’s skin. Use caution when utilizing camouflage colors. They can appear brighter, and it can be difficult to match the skin well enough for client approval. You also have the choice to turn down a client who has had an unwanted color result or shape from another artist. Most importantly, take your time. Be sure you have the proper training in order to minimize the chance of having to correct your own work.
Choosing Color
  • When it comes to selecting an eyebrow color, clients are not usually all over the spectrum. Even our beautiful celebrities know that the right color is important, the basic brown is the most popular. Overall, it is fairly easy to help most clients choose just the right color for their eyebrows without having to stock numerous colors. Also, by mixing colors, you are able to control the shade of the color, giving you more variety. The following pages will help in selecting just color(s) for each client’s request undertone.
Color Theory for Eyebrows
  • When choosing an eyebrow color, a person’s undertone can make a significant difference. It’s important to explain to each client that you are not working on a white canvas and that it’s necessary to take undertones into careful consideration. It is always color, plus undertone, that equals the final color result. For example, if a cool color is used on a person that has a warm yellow or olive undertone the color result could be an unwanted grayish color. After reviewing the undertones characteristics on pages 35 and 36 and an undertone has been determined, choose one of the following eyebrow colors with the undertone.
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