The Importance of Before, After, and Healed Pictures in Microblading Treatment

Microblading is the beauty treatment which needs a quite long-term process. The importance of healed pictures will show you some notes and information for microblading procedure. Besides, the pictures will be very useful source for marketing and persuade the new customers choose your services. The Aura Beauty Academy would like to provide some understandings good for your microblading treatment!
THE AURA BEAUTY ACADEMY The Aura is a beauty company that provides microblading, permanent cosmetic make-up, and provides licensing approved training academy in Westminster - Orange County California.
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Having the right picture is one of the most important marketing tools. Before, after and healed pictures can be used in a variety of ways. For example, with your client’s permission and a signed release from, you can then use their photos in your professional portfolio, marketing brochures, websites, displays, advertisements and social media. Pictures will always impress your potential clients because they help them to visualize the results they can expect. The after picture should be taken at least three weeks following the procedure when the eyebrows are healed. The final results are the most important.
Be careful what you display. Be cautious of using pictures of eyebrows which are too thick, thin or dark, naturally uneven or have healed with a cool grayish hue. Choose the pictures very carefully and consider what most people will find attractive and natural looking.
Have your client stand in front of a plain wall when you are taking pictures. A camera is essential. Most call phones can also take close-up, good quality pictures. It’s important to take high resolution pictures for certain marketing avenues. remember, one of the key elements to your success will be determined by the selection of pictures that both represent and glamorize your work.

Touch Ups are Part of the Process
  • After a microblade procedure, touch ups are common. It is part of the process to add additional hair strokes and darken ones that may have healed too light. Experience and practice increase your ability to implant color so touch ups are minimal. Touch ups are done usually a month after the initial procedure. Many microblade artists charge for touch ups, others include them in the cost of the procedure. Before you begin a touch up, always re-measure the eyebrows, even if you can see where the procedure was previously done. This will help ensure you implant color evenly.
Rare Allergic Reaction
  • In extremely rare cases, people have reported an allergic to the colors (pigments) that were used. Check with your insurance company regarding their guidelines and requirements for performing patch tests on each client. If a rare reaction is to occur, it may show for a long period of time, making the patch test inconclusive.
  • Also, in rare cases, a person may be allergic to the aftercare antibiotic ointment. It is advisable to add to the aftercare instruction sheet, that if redness or irritation occurs, the first step is to immediately discontinue using the aftercare antibiotic ointment and instead switch to a milder ointment. Prior to a procedure, clients may inform you that they are allergic to latex. Always have non-latex available.
Aftercare is Important
  • When it comes to microblading, there is a different healing process and after-care protocol than traditional cosmetic tattooing. With microblading, healing of the skin occurs mainly on the outside of the skin, very much like a minor surface cut or scratch you would encounter while working in the garden. It is the same type of healing which forms a scab or crust. The scab protects the injured skin and flakes off as the skin underneath no longer needs the protection. The color within the controlled injury, or eyebrow stroke, heals inside the skin, creating the illusion of hairs forming the eyebrow shape. 


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THE AURA BEAUTY ACADEMY is a beauty company that provides microblading, permanent cosmetic make-up, and provides licensing approved training academy in Westminster – Orange County California.

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