4 super Vitamin C-Rich beverages to help skin healthy

Everyone knows that vitamin C is an essential vitamin for our health as well as immunity. Vitamin C is found in various kinds of fruit and and vegetables. It is very good for bone health and absorption of iron in our body. And one of the most important advantage of Vitamin C is improving skin quality due to stimulating collagen production in the skin and hence. Β So that you should add many fruit and vegetables which are Vitamin-C rich in your daily meals

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C is about 70 milligrams for women and about 90 milligrams for men. There are a number of ways of ensuring vitamin C intake in your body and fruit juices are one of them.

And The Aura Beauty and Microblading Academy in Orange County would like to introduce 4 super Vitamin-C rich drink to you.

  1. Mango + Kiwi Fuzz Recipe

Mango is very popular fruit in tropical areas. It contains up to 60 percent daily value of Vitamin C (following the data by the United States Department of Agriculture). And maybe there are not many people knowing that kiwi and mango is a very delicious and nutrient combination. The mix will make your skin grateful for all the pampering.



  1. Orange + Ginger Recipe.

    Orange is the best name in bucket list because of its Vitamin-C abundance. A 100 grams of orange provides nearly 64 percent Daily Value of Vitamin C. And if orange goes with ginger, it will generate a super healthy detox drink which is great for your skin as it contains turmeric, which is also an antioxidant-rich spice.

  2. Pineapple Panna Recipe.

    In the today list, pineapple is another name unforgettable. It is incredibly rich in vitamin C (it contains 79 percent DV – USDA data). Pineapple is a very tasty twist to the mango panna, which is assumed to contain roasted cumin, black salt and sugar.

  3. Chilled Mango Soup Recipe

Beside of lemon and kiwi, mango is also famous for Vitamin-C richness. But another kind of mango recipe served in summer is chilled mango soup. Imagine! In the very hot days, you enjoy a cool bowl of soup made of fresh mangoes and very good for your skin health. It will be extremely cool experience. It is worth trying!

Do not forget note down or share some tips about tasty and fresh recipes for your best skin!

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