Why is Anaesthetic used in (eyebrow) microblading art or beauty service in Orange County?

Customers are usually worried about the use of anaesthetic in microblading art or beauty services. If you know how it is used and why it is useful in beauty care, you will no longer worry about it and find it easy to accept, believe in the experts.

Let The Aura Beauty Academy show you how it will be regrarded as one of the most popular and effective methods in microblading, permanent make-up or microdermabrasion.

Why is Anaesthetic used in (eyebrow) microblading art or beauty service in Orange County?
Why is Anaesthetic used in (eyebrow) microblading art or beauty service in Orange County?

Anaesthetic can be used not only to make the client more comfortable during their procedure but also to achieve more accurate results, as without anaesthetising the area, the client may try to contract their muscles resulting in pigment being implanted in the wrong area. A topical anaesthetic should generally be applied both before and during treatment for maximum efficacy, depending on whether it is suitable for broken or unbroken skin. It is also important to let the client know that they may still feel discomfort, although it will be greatly reduced.

The amount of anaesthetic that you will need to use will be dependent on the individual. Clients with higher metabolisms, for example may process the anaesthetic more quickly and therefore require more of it throughout the procedure. It is incredibly important that you are aware of the national guidelines regarding the use of anaesthetics, and any use of prescription anaesthetic deemed to be used inappropriately or illegally will result is prosecution.

Use of Topical Anaesthetic

If choosing to use topical anaesthetic creams to numb the area, they should be applied 30 minutes before commencement of treatment.

Skin Factors Affecting Absorption:
      • Medication – including anti-inflammatory medications, steroids and various others.
      • General Health
      • Sun Exposure
      • Topical Cosmetic Creams including Retin A, AHA’s and Various Acids now found in modern day skin creams.
      • Lasering
      • Scarred skin
      • Life Style
      • Drugs and Alcohol
      • Age
      • Natural Skin properties
      • Chemotherapy
      • Alopecia
      • Exfoliating Skin conditions (psoriasis or eczema for example)

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