Very Good Tips to Implant Color for Upgrading (Eyebrow) Microblading Skills

If you are on the way to grasp skills in (eyebrow) microblading, you absolutely need these tips in implanting color process. With 10 year – experience, The Aura Beauty Academy in Orange County will instruct you – the future microblading master to how to implant color very smoothly even though you are just newbies. Read the tips carefully and share and discuss with your friends or microblading classmates to enhance more!
Very Good Tips to Implant Color for Upgrading (Eyebrow) Microblading Skills
Very Good Tips to Implant Color for Upgrading (Eyebrow) Microblading Skills

How to To Implant Color for a 3D Effect

  • To give the dimension of a 3D effect, use your creativity to add sparse hair strokes throughout the eyebrows with lighter or darker colors. This can be done with needles that have their own style like U-shaped needles for a finishing effect.
Shading Technique
  • To fill in the eyebrows with soft color in between the hair strokes, use a shader tool. When using a round staggered needle configuration, it gives a stippling effect by adding small dots of color that blend together to shade in an area. This adds more color, creating a filled in, powdery look to the eyebrows.
  • To apply the shading effect with these needles, use a soft tapping motion, keeping the color toward the middle of the eyebrows. This will allow the needles to deposit dots of color between the strokes, leaving a nice shadow of color when the area heals. By using a wetting solution, sold by microblade supply companies, color can be diluted up to 25-50% to give a more subtle result.
  • Be sure to never over the eyebrow area, or use too much pressure when implanting color for a shading effect,a s it may take away from the design of the the eyebrow itself. There are other shading tools such as flat and double row needle configurations.
Wipe & Clean as You Go
  • Because of the excess color and any light bleeding that could occur while performing a microblade procedure, itโ€™s necessary to continually wipe the area where you are applying color. You need to clearly see where each hair stroke is being implanted, and the distance between each one. This is important for the eyebrows to look natural.
  • Itโ€™s crucial to maintain a clean work area at all times. Never place anything thatโ€™s been used back on the work area. If using wipes, cut into small pieces, throw each piece away after use. This pertains to your needles as well. Be sure the needles are clean of any dried pigment or skin particles. Wipe the needles throughout the procedure, as clean needles will make clean hair strokes. This is not only for sanitary purposes, but clean tools and a clean work area make it easier to perform procedures and allows you to be creative.


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