Some theories about color and skin in beauty industry and microblading term

To be a master in (eyebrow) microblading, permanent makeup, microdermabrasion as well as in beauty industry is not easy. Because it requires both very good skills and the artistic eyes to choose the most suitable kind of treatment for customers. The dedicated microblading master will be the person who cares the customer’s beauty as their own appearance. Therefore, it usually takes long time to learn and practise (eyebrow) microblading skills. And the first things all candidates should know is theory of color and skin to categorize customers’s choices. The Aura Beauty Academy Orange County will share some information and our experiences with you! Enjoy and share the useful knowledge! Please comment your questions and send us your feedback! We’re welcome all your responses.
Master Nah Nguyen with eyebrow microblading customer
Master Nah Nguyen with eyebrow microblading customer
As a microblade artist, you will find that basic color theory plays a significant role in the colors that are chosen for each client. Knowing the basic fundamentals of how color heals in the skin and what colors to choose ore two of the key elements to becoming successful.
When implanting color on clients’ faces, the most important thing is to understand you are not working on o white canvas. The canvas on which you work is the skin. The challenge lies in the ability to determine the canvas color (undertone) and what color to use to achieve the desired results.
Paying close attention, asking the right questions and having a good understanding of undertones, will help when selecting color(s) for your clients. This chapter dips below the immediate surface of the skin and dives into the important concepts of undertones and how they affect the choice of colors. Also, included are pictures of clues to help determine a client’s undertone.
It’s also important to understand the process of implanting color and why the color you choose makes a difference. If a person’s undertone is not considered when choosing a color(s), the desired color may not be the healed result. It is always color plus undertone that equals the healed result.
There are many variations that can affect the final color result of a microblade procedure. With experience and by following a few simple color guidelines in this chapter, you will soon be able to choose just the right color for each client.

Beside the implanting color theory, you – future candidates or customers should know “How many steps for a microblade procedure”.
Yes, there 9 steps to complete microblade procedure.

Do a visual measuring first, then draw on the eyebrows for your client to see. After receiving the approval, measure the eyebrows and draw guidelines.

  • Draw on and fill in the eyebrows, the shows the client the shape and how they will look with color (showcasing where the hair strokes will be placed), as seen in the picture.
  • Following the outside shape of the eyebrows that were drawn on, draw a guideline around where the hair strokes will be placed.
  • If necessary, and with the client’s permission, tweeze the eyebrows where needed. This will help you see the shape of the eyebrows. Stand in front of a wall mirror with your client to view the eyebrows. After the client has given their approval, it is important to measure the eyebrows to ensure they are even.
  • Once you start implanting the color, you do not want to compromise the beautiful eyebrows you have perfectly shaped. Outline each eyebrow with a skin-safe marker that won’t easily wash off during a procedure. As the measuring pencil lines wipe off, the marker outline will remain. This will help ensure the color is implanted evenly in the intended area. Surgical marker work well because they don’t easily wipe off.
  • With a marker, outline the eyebrows by placing dots around the exact shape of how they have been drawn on.
  • Use a marker to draw a solid line to outline the shape where the hair strokes will be implanted.
  • Using a cotton swab, apply the topical anaesthetic prior to a procedure on both eyebrows. When applying topical anaesthetic, avoid touching the outline that was drawn on with a marker to prevent causing the outline to dissolve. This is a good time to review, confirm the procedure with the client and prepare the eyebrow color(s).
    Note: It’s important to keep your client as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Let your client know you can re-apply the topical anaesthetic if they are uncomfortable.
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