One of the most difficult skills in eyebrow microblading learning!

With over 10 years experience in microblading training and thousand customer caring in the US, The Aura Beauty Academy knows that there is a skill which almost students find it quite hard to master is learning how to draw and measure eyebrows. Yes, it is absolutely a challenge but if you – future microblading master accept the challenge and read the writing of ours carefully, you will encounter them more easily!

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Learning to Draw & Measure Eyebrows

  • Before beginning the procedure, it’s very important to properly measure and take the extra steps to ensure the eyebrows you have drawn are as even as possible. Some artists measure while the client is sitting, others while the client is lying down. When drawing and mapping eyebrows, stand back, take your time, and use your artistic eye. Consider the shape of the face, including the natural eyebrow bone structure. Determine where the eyebrows would flow nicely. Mapping of the eyebrows will ensure you are able to make them as even as possible. People always have a place where their eyebrows look most natural.
  • Most clients have an idea of what they want. Ask what they would like to achieve by having a microblade procedure. Do they want more of an arch or fuller eyebrow with more hair strokes, etc. Taking the extra steps to measure, making sure the eyebrows are even before you begin, will save you from having to make adjustments toward the end of the procedure. Once you have your client’s approval on the eyebrows, do a final measuring.
  • Three Point Caliper – uses three measuring points you can duplicate by moving the tool to the other brow.
  • Flexible/Sticker Rulers – There are also flexible and disposable rulers available that you can use right on the forehead to mark and measure the eyebrows for symmetry.
  • Caliper – This is a common measuring tool. It has two small, movable, manual extension arms to measure distance between different points of the eyebrows.
  • Shaping Tool – This handy tool has two arms called prongs which can be extended out to measure the eyebrows, making sure they are symmetrical.

Learning the Art of Designing Eyebrow Hair Strokes

  • When implanting color, you’re actually placing the hair strokes in a pattern that matches each client’s unique eyebrows. In some cases, if the person does not have eyebrows, you will be designing them from scratch. To be successful, you must learn the proper technique to accomplish a natural look. This starts with being able to draw the different hair stroke designs to satisfy each client’s eyebrow needs. Observe how a person’s eyebrow hair grows, then decide what direction the hair strokes should be placed. As shown in the picture, eyebrows are drawn on, and then with a pattern in mind, hair strokes are implanted in that shape.

Face Shapes for Eyebrows

  • You can generally see where eyebrows flow naturally. However, when looking at the eyebrows with an artistic eye, and seeing something is out of balance, you may to consider the shape of your client’s face. The following page has an illustration that shows common face shapes and how to enhance the eyebrows accordingly.

Eyebrow Spines

  • In addition to face shape, the artist should consider the client’s eyebrow spines. The eyebrow spine indicates where the air would start to naturally grow downward. Typically, there are 4 common eyebrow spines: spine 3, spine 5, spine 6 and upper spine. Unlike the other spine types, upper eyebrow spine indicate that the hair will naturally grow in an upward direction.


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