Wash face in a true way! Do you know how?

Β And how to remove dirty from face is not easy. And if disadvantage particles stay for a long time, it will create some facial diseases so that washing face in good way is really beneficial for great skin health.

1. Why is washing your face important?

Our face contains more sebaceous glands 1, which means our face contains more sebum (aka natural oils). Furthermore, women usually make up or apply some facials products like suncreen scream which can create a magnet or pollutants. And how to remove dirty from face is not easy. And if disadvantage particles stay for a long time, it will create some facial diseases so that washing face in good way is really beneficial for great skin health.

2. How often should we wash my face?

TheΒ American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) does suggest that we should wash our face 3 times: in the morning, at night, and anytime after you sweat heavily. After sweating, we absolutely wash our face. And it is more important if you have been wearing helmet or a hat or any accessories which can be tightly against our skin.

3. Washing face many times a day will be good?

It is NOT. We just should wash our face twice because if you abuse it, your skin easily gets dry. You know that cleaning cream usually contains some ingredients such as alcohol, astringents, toners, and exfoliants which can cause side effects.

4. Some tips to wash face in a true way:

  • Be gentle. The top layer of skin is very sensitive. It has fewer cell layers than other parts of our body. So DO NOT scrub face heavily; which does not help to get rid of dirty and oil but causing some irritating effects.
  • Do not use hard and rough materials. Some things like a sponge, washcloth can easily exfoliate your skin and worsen acne. Our skin will be easily harmed by them so that you should consider to choose what to wash your face.
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    And at first, you should distinguish between microblading and shading. The information will help you to have a good look at how microblading masters do and give you belief in your choices. Be wise, be careful, be knowledgable before choosing a specific beauty treatment for your skin, your beauty.

    Microblading is…
    • Microblading is the art of placing strokes into the eyebrow area in an attempt to make the brows look more real.Β  Or Microblading is a type of eyebrow architecture. It is all about creating the best shape for each face – a totally bespoke approach for each client. The process is very precise thanks to the tool that is used which is effectively like a pen with the nib being a sloped blade with 10-12 little needles at the end – needles that don’t penetrate the skin but just delicately scratch the surface, much like a paper cut.
    Shading is…
    • Shading or “powder-fill” is one part of the microblade procedure. Shading means a stipling technique where the microblading is pushed directly down against the skin. It’s used on those who have very sparse brows and need a more defined shape. It’s often done in combination with microblading, so you have the shadow underneath and then the stokes on top. Make sense?! Here’s a picture of shading. See how different it looks? It’s definitely a more bold brow.
    And especially you should know something about The Aura Microblading and PMU Classes:
    • We are proud to say that, with over 10 years of experience, our team is dedicated to deliver the highest quality training to make sure that upon graduating, students can be confident enough to build their own career.
    • With a small class size, students are able to receive maximum attention and guidance from our instructor.
    What does it include?
    • Our Microblading and Ombre Shading Brows Class is an integrated course with both theory and hands-on practice, all included in a few days. During our intensive course, Grandmaster Ann Nguyen will emphasize on different important aspects when training to become a successful microblade artist, such as bloodborne pathogens, skin anatomy, color theory, eyebrow design, as well as multiple techniques and necessary processes in a microblade procedure. The trainee will also have the opportunity to work on live model. Upon finishing the course, the trainee will receive a Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate and a Microblading Certificate from our academy. Our academy also offer students a complimentary Deluxe Microblading Kit, with enough tools supply for up to 20 clients and a Premium Ink Collection, and a Professional Micropigmentation Machine. 


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    After countless sleepless nights, refining ideas, remodeling the facility, and designing class content, Master Ann Nguyen has finally made her dream come true with The Aura Beauty Academy, specializing in the art of Permanent Makeup and Microblading.
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