How Aging Effects the Skin? Explore with Microblading Training Academy – The Aura

As we age the remarkable functions of the skin that help make it rejuvenate daily slows down, and unfortunately it sometimes almost comes to a complete stop. Therefore a microblade procedure may not always be an option for those with damaged or more severely aged skin.

How Aging Effects the Skin? Explore with Microblading Training Academy - The Aura
How Aging Effects the Skin?

When we are younger, our skin does amazing things to give us that smooth, tight, and youthful glow. Within the dermis of the skin the fibroblast activity is in full force, producing collagen and elastin. This production of the cells binding moisture and lipid production is constant. These lipids keep the skin moisturized, thereby preventing dry and wrinkled skin. The state of the skin also determines healing times from any injury, minor or major.

Putting a crisp eyebrow hair stroke into younger client’s skin, versus the same stroke into a more mature person’s skin is quite different. In the pictures above, you can see that you will get different results. Also, because of the aging process, most mature skin tends to be thin and will bleed very easily, which can affect the longevity of the implanted color.


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