Why should both men and women enhance eyebrows face with microblading?

Choosing improving eyebrows by microblading skill is not easy option for almost people in the first time. However if we, both men and women, know some cautions below, The Aura makes sure that you will be more confident to make microblading as a priority choice!

And with over 10 year experiences, The Aura Beauty Academy in Orange County under control of master Nah Nguyen commit to enhance your eyebrow beauty and more.

Now, let’s note some cautions with us!

Why should both men and women should enhance eyebrows face with microblading?

Improving Eyebrows

Eyebrows that flow with the natural bone structure balance the face. There are many people whose beautifully shaped eyebrows frame their face perfectly, and inspire women to take the extra steps to enhance their own eyebrows. There are many different reason people want to enhance their eyebrows, from being too busy to apply their makeup every day, to just wanting their eyebrows shaped better.

And here are some common reasons WHY women, or men, may want to enhance their eyebrows:

  • Improve the arch.
  • Eyebrows are too thin
  • Sparse eyebrows
  • Over-tweezed
  • Patchy
  • Too Short
  • Alopecia
  • Uneven eyebrows
  • Lift the ends

One of the most common mistakes made when enhancing the eyebrows is not taking both eyebrows into account. Many people have one eyebrow naturally higher than the other. In the case where one eyebrow is higher, draw slightly more on the top of the lower eyebrow.

If necessary, and with the client’s permission, tweeze the eyebrows to make them appear more even. If you’re giving clients a new look for their eyebrows, allow extra time for them to look in the mirror to see if they will be able to adapt to their new look. You want a satisfied client who will tell their friends, relatives, and co-workers about the professional microblade artist, who took the time needed to enhance their eyebrows.

Men’s Eyebrows

Men are looking to enhance their eyebrows for many of the same reason’s women do. Naturally sparse or uneven eyebrows have men seeking out the natural look that a microblade procedure can give them. Eyebrows that are enhanced can look aesthetically pleasing on men but is different from drawing on a women’s eyebrows. A man’s eyebrows have a more natural look, usually without a defined shape or higher arch that women can have.

Mapping the Eyebrows

There is a measuring process called mapping that will help guide you in making the eyebrows as even as possible. Each person’s measuring point is different, depending how their eyebrow flow with their bone structure. A microblade artist needs to take into consideration each person’s unique eyebrows. Taking the time to map the eyebrows can give you an overall view of where to place guidelines to help achieve even eyebrows. In the following post, The Aura will demonstrate the important six points to make the eyebrows symmetrical.


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