All information about needles a (eyebrow) microblading master needs to know!

You know not only every steps in microblading art plays an important role for successful goal but also each element is so essential too for a very beautiful eyebrow microblading treatment. Every microblade artist’s goal is to be able to create simulated hair strokes for each client’s eyebrows that they will be happy with. First you have to understand what needles combination will be best suited for the different skin types, and hair patterns you could encounter. So The Aura Beauty Academy – Orange County did withdraw lessons and tips from our over 10 year experiences in microblading to show you the fullest! What is that? Let’s us explore needles first!
All information about needles a (eyebrow) microblading master needs to know!
All information about needles a (eyebrow) microblading master needs to know!
Needle Quality & Sterilization
  • There are many types of needles that artists can purchase. It is important to make sure they’re coming from a reputable supplier to ensure the quality and safety of each needle. Before a procedure, use a small magnifying glass or an eye loupe to check for damaged or defective needles which may have split or separated because they can cause extra bleeding, scar tissue and/or skin damage. This will help avoid any unnecessary trauma to the skin.
  • Health departments require all microblade tools to be properly disposed of in a sharps waste container after each procedure. The only exception would be if the handle was sterilized in an autoclave.

Needle Size

Through experience, artists will find which combination of needles and tools work best for them. When selecting needles, it is important to consider skin type and how you want your hair strokes to look.There are a variety of needles available that create different shapes and sizes of hair strokes. The size of the needle is determined by the number of needles in the configuration and the gauge of each needle. The difference between smaller and larger needles are:
  • Smaller needles offer better color absorption. The needles slice into the skin easily, but there is the chance of slicing the skin too deep.
  • Larger needles create a thicker looking hair stroke which makes the appear more intense and bolder.
Strength of Needle
The thickness of a client’s skin will determine the needle strength needed. There are two to choose from:
  • Flexible needles are popular. They cater to thinner mature skin. Because of their flexibility, they are also used for practicing.
  • Hard needles are for bolder hair strokes. With hard needles, strokes tend to penetrate easily into the skin; so minimum pressure is needed. A hard needle is usually used for darker, thicker, and/or oily skin.
Needle Configurations
The microblade artist has a choice of what needles to use for hair strokes, any detailed work needed and shading, if requested. Some popular needle configurations are:
  • Slant needles can be used on most people. It’s a popular needle configuration. It can be used to get those crisp lines along the bottom of the eyebrows.
  • Slope needles have a curved angle for a precision root stroke design. The tip of the needles make a smooth entry point to create lines that make fine hair strokes.
  • U-shape needles are designed for more detailed hair strokes. They are usually used toward the end of the procedure to create wispy hair strokes. It’s a favorite with the more experienced artists. The rounded edge helps make a curved stroke, and since the angle of the needles has no starting and stopping points, it gives a soft, rounded finish.
  • Shader needles are used to add more of a shaded effect between the hair strokes. It is called shader needles because it finishes the eyebrows with a more filled-in look and adds depth as well. The shader needles come in different shapes and needle counts. The design consists of needles placed together in a round staggered configuration, flat and with two rows of needles.



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