5 Crucial Tips to Implant Color Whoever Should Know in Microblading Art

How to start microblading in smooth way is the most question all candidates ask The Aura Beauty Academy – Orange County. Microblading is a worldwide trend and implanting color step requires many skills to master as well as courage, passion to overcome obstacles in the first microblading practise. Besides passion or hard-working times, the candidates can get it more easily if they know these tips. Over 10 years experiencing in (Eyebrow) Microblading Art, Nah Nguyen – the founder of The Aura will share you THE SECRETS.
Please read it carefully and if necessary, note it down! We are sure that it will be super helpful for your education path in the art of beauty as microblading even permanent make-up.
5 Crucial Tips to Implant Color Whoever Should Know in Microblading Art
5 Crucial Tips to Implant Color Whoever Should Know in Microblading Art5 Crucial Tips to Implant Color Whoever Should Know in Microblading Art
The key is to be prepared before performing your first and every microblade procedure thereafter. Let’s take a look again at the important techniques of a procedure:
Stretching the Skin – Before beginning to implant color, be sure the skin is stretched properly. This will help ensure smooth and evenly healed hair strokes. One of the ways to stretch the skin is as follows:
  • Use the hand not holding the tool, and with your thumb and middle or index finger, stretch the skin above the eyebrow. Flatten skin with a taut stretch.
  • With the working hand, use your pinky to stretch the skin downward.
  • This will give a perfect three-way stretch, enabling you to have a firm area in which to implant crisp, fine hair strokes. Keep this same stretch throughout the procedure. Stretching the skin in this way will help strokes to be smooth and not bounce. Also, it will keep the hair strokes from looking blurred when healed.
Placement & Angle of the Microblade Tool
  • When implanting color, it’s important to have the proper angle and placement of the microblade tool.
  • A microblade tool should be held like a pen at a 90 degree angle as seen in the picture on the following page.
  • The handle should be in an upright position, not leaning to the left or right. If the needles lean in either direction, it will cause the hair stroke color to heal blurred.
  • Each needle placement must make the same full contact on flat, stretched skin at all times.
Consistent Pressure
– With the microblading tool, always apply consistent pressure for an even look. When using sharp quality needles, and very little pressure, you should be able to glide the needles softly through the skin to form each hair stroke.
  • The thickness of a person’s skin may make it necessary to adjust the pressure. The skin in the front part of the eyebrow, known as the crown, can be a little thicker. Therefore, it may be necessary to slightly increase pressure. However, less pressure is needed when using a smaller configuration of needles.
  • Some people naturally bleed more than others. However, if the area where color is being implanted needs constant wiping because of bleeding, it maybe because too much pressure is being used. This can cause the needles to reach the deeper dermis layer of the skin where the blood vessels are.
  • If there is too much pressure being used, the following may occur:
– Heavy bleeding
– Hair strokes looked blurred after they heal
– Color “blow out” (where color can spread outside of the intended area)
– Skin may form scar tissue
– Hair strokes heal an unnatural grayish color

Pace in Which to Implant Color
  • Keeping a slow and consistent pace while performing a procedure is crucial. If the color is planted too quickly, it will not grab. This is where deep concentration comes into play.
Depth in Which to Implant Color
  • The depth of each hair stroke is determined by the microblade artist. Understanding the skin layers and being able to find the correct “Sweet Spot” or “Target Zone,” takes dedication and practice.
  • A good gauge for checking the depth of a stroke is to slightly spread it apart after it has been passed through and soaked with color. If the split opens evenly and has color in it with very minimal bleeding, the color has been placed properly. The big question that most artists have is how to determine if enough color has been implanted into the papillary dermis layer of the skin. It takes a lot of practice and paying close attention to your client’s healed results. It is important to never over work the skin, the less trauma to the skin the better the results.


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